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Iceland trekking & expedition is a trekking company that has been providing services required for mountain expedition, peak climbing, camping trek, lodge trek and other activities related with this field over two decades. Read more..


  • The service offered by Iceland Trekking and Expeditions was of a high standard, like we know/experienced from expeditions we did with Iceland Trekking (Himlung Himal – 7.126m in 2008, Phuta Hiunchuli (Dhaulagiri VII) 7.246m in 2010, Annapurna IV – 7.525m in 2012 and a lot of other Trekkings including our recent trek to West Upper Dolpo).

    Price/performance ratio (information, organization, food, quality of staff, service, flexibility of the organization, etc.) is very high. Email: abijlsma@tellenge.nl

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    Alex Bijlsma
  • We're always pleased and confident in our recommendation of Iceland Trekking.Iceland Trekking has guided us since 1990 on seven outstanding treks to different regions of Nepal.Iceland Trekking's guides and support team are knowledgeable,competent, resourceful and demonstrate constant attention to hygiene and safety.Their extensive network of guides ensures a high degree of local knowledge, no matter which regions or peak you chose.The equipment provided by Iceland Trekking is excellent.The food served daily is tasty, abundant, varied, nutritious and often beautifully presented.Whether in a group of 2 or 12 clients, Iceland Trekking provides a high level of Professionalism at an amazingly low cost. We highly recommend Iceland Trekking for a wonderful trekking holiday in Nepal.

    Email: elaineedmison@gmail.com

    Brain and Elaine Edmison
    Smithers, B.C. , Canada
  • Meine Empfehlung für Himalaya-Einsteiger und auch Fortgeschrittene:

    Ich fahre seit 35 Jahren in den Himalaya. Ich habe dabei – wie auch in anderen Ländern dieser Welt – die Erfahrung gewonnen, dass es sehr wichtig ist, in fremden Ländern einen Menschen oder eine Agentur seines Vertrauens zu haben. Tendy Sherpa mit seiner kleinen, verlässlichen Agentur „Iceland Expeditions and Trekkings“ in Kathmandu gehört zu dieser sehr feinen Kategorie von Institutionen. Ich war mit Gruppen oder auch alleine auf vielen hohen Bergen, aber auch auf Trekkings mit „Iceland Expeditions“ bisher seit 25 Jahren unterwegs (insgesamt 50mal in Nepal), und habe mich immer eingebettet und in Sicherheit gefühlt, Read more..

    Email: rudolfalexandermayr@gmx.at

    Rudolf Alexander Mayr
  • With well earned respect, I confidently recommend Iceland Trekking & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. for providing services required for mountain expeditions, peak climbing and camping treks. I want to thank you for the exceptional work. The dedication to the jobs was an integral part of the successful completion of several tours. Generally, all the projects with Iceland Trekking & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. were executed with a great sense of responsibility and with all the required safety precautions. Furthermore, I would like to point out that the staff is very experienced, reliable, cooperative, friendly and very well prepared for the trips. Not only strong porters guarantee a perfect trip to our clients but also high experienced climbing Sherpas contribute to make the journey to an unforgettable experience. On site manpower and logistics are managed perfectly. Read more...
    Christine Gschwentner
    Director of the hotel Schwarzbrunn
  • After witnessing the increasing security risks on my mountain expeditions in Pakistan I decided to return to the safe haven of Nepal in 2011. By chance I ended up with an Iceland Trekking and Expeditions team on Himlung (Australian short cut route) that year. Service and price were so rewarding that I’m turning back every Autumn to discover another part of gorgeous Nepal guided by Tendy’s team. Strong porters, experienced climbing sherpas, cooks making delicious pizzas at 5000 meters high make every trip an unforgettable experience. Meeting Tendy at Kathmandu’s airport is like coming home ever since. I got to know Iceland’s manager as a clever person who can give you excellent advice to work out a Read more...

    Email: jozef.houben2@telenet.be

    Dr.Jef Houben
  • The treks and expeditions organized by Ice Land Trekking and Expeditions are first-rate. I joined a month long expedition to climb Annapurna IV in April 2012. The expedition included seven professional Nepali guides (certified by the Nepali Mountaineer Association (NMA)) and support staff, and three climbers from the Netherlands and the United States. The Nepali guides fixed more than 2,000m of rope during the expedition in difficult conditions (i.e. deep snow). These men were all veteran climbers and paid close attention to detail, and most importantly the safety of the entire expedition. When faced with an avalanche that took out our ropes between Camps III and II on the way down, the team quickly devised a route around the dangerous crevasses created. Read more..

    Email: nathanielweiss@gmail.com

    USA nathanielweish@gmail.com
  • “J’ai eu le plaisir de faire le trekking avec la compagnie Iceland Trekking au Népal en 2007.  C’est avec gratitude que je peux offrir ma recommendation pour cette organisation qui m’a comblée de gentillesse et de souvenirs inoubliables.  La tragédie de l’Anapurna réenforce le besoin pour ces companies sérieuses et compétentes.  Le Népal et ses habitants restent un trésor mondial auquel on peut contribuer en participant à une expédition bien organisée.  Un souvenir touchant est la contribution que Iceland Trekking fait à un petit dispensaire isolé avec des moyens bien limités.  Iceland Trekking offre une visite imbuée de merveille et de respect avec des bénéfices partagés par tous”.

    Email: josettecp@bulkley.net



Namaste and warm greetings from Iceland Trekking and Expedition.

As we all know, the last two years (2014 and 2015) were the most horrific years for Everest climbing and for the people of Nepal. The India-Nepal border blockade placed right after the earthquake led to a lot of ramifications in the longer run. Nepal’s economy and especially the tourism industry has received blow after blow in the recent years with these tragedies. Thousands of families who make a livelihood through tourism have struggled in these years.

In spite of these difficult circumstances, “International Everest expedition 2016” organised by Iceland trekking and expedition was a great success. Twenty-one climbers from this expedition team reached the summit on 19th May 2016. All members and staffs returned home safe, happy and satisfied. In the Meantime the company has also organised numerous trekking and peak climbing.

With this newsletter, we want to let you know, that Nepal is safe for trekking, expedition or any kind of tourism activities as it used to be. Therefore, we offer you some of our fixed departure programs regarding trekking, peak climbing and mountain expedition planned for autumn 2016 and spring 2017. If you have your own programs please do let us know at office@iceland-trekking.com or tendys4@gmail.com

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Social Responsibility

We have been also supporting disabled and homeless children since last 15 years (Disabled and Rehabilitation Center) with co-operation of Sponsor Trek Nepal.