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drAfter witnessing the increasing security risks on my mountain expeditions in Pakistan I decided to return to the safe haven of Nepal in 2011. By chance I ended up with an Iceland Trekking and Expeditions team on Himlung (Australian short cut route) that year. Service and price were so rewarding that I’m turning back every Autumn to discover another part of gorgeous Nepal guided by Tendy’s team. Strong porters, experienced climbing sherpas, cooks making delicious pizzas at 5000 meters high make every trip an unforgettable experience. Meeting Tendy at Kathmandu’s airport is like coming home ever since. I got to know Iceland’s manager as a clever person who can give you excellent advice to work out a tailor-made program off the beaten track but also as a pleasant humorous chap. In case events might take a different turn and you have to cope with unexpected problems during your trip, what is not uncommon on adventurous travels in a mountain region like the Himalayas with all its complexities, Tendy has the knowledge, flexibility and experience to find a quick solution meeting up with the expectations of his clients.